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About CDP

Proven insight, experience, and unique vision, Colleen Duffley Productions is hired to concept, produce, art direct,design and photograph national and international ad campaigns, editorial projects, catalogues and much more for elite clientele. CDP has the experience and resources to generate ideas, scout locations, hire / coordinate stylists, and cast talent. From the ground level when a project begins to the final image, Colleen Duffley Productions turns a concept into reality!


CDP understands that there are many elements that come into the making of a photograph, ad campaign, commercial or branding of product or business. It's not just choosing the right ƒ-stop - but also choosing the right “stuff”, the right location, the right people, the right models, the right stylists, and even choosing the right copy. A photo shoot can be like a complex puzzle with lots of pieces and parts that must come together. CDP makes sure the day of the shoot is effortless with everything pre-planned to perform like a perfectly orchestrated and harmonized concert so that pure, simple, magic happens.


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