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A Celebration of iPhone Photography / 40 Photographers / 40 iPads
One innovative exhibit not to be missed!
What will photography
look like in 30 years?
How will this era be
Photography changed almost overnight with
the advent of digital cameras. Long established
companies like Kodak and Polaroid have gone away.
There is a new movement in art and photography,
a new global art movement.
" Light Impressions on Tour is an iconic one of a kind installation
that has captured the explosive movement in art, digital imagery,
and creativity from artists around the globe. The intrinsic value in
this piece to the art world is not only with the imagery, but also
in the fact that it has great historical significance in the global
coming together of art and technology. All captured on a device
that changed the market, changed the world and change our
lives forever...... the iPhone."
~ Colleen Duffley / Creator, Curator

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Light Impressions on Tour is Available
for Lease for Museums, Corporations and
Creative Events.

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